With reference to the massive and devastating earthquake and tsunami that jolted the City of Palu and District of Donggala, as well as Mamuju, the Indonesia island of Central Sulawesi province on last 28/09/2018, my organization, a non-profit organization, Yayasan Pusaka Indonesia (YPI), is preparing at least to provide help to reach more than 250,000 people being now severely affected by the twin disasters.
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There is a likelihood that we actually can venture ourselves to help achieve our goals and objectives through various kinds of program implementations together with you, if that’s possible for us to do so. This might be possible to do quickly under the wing of your organization. I hope so. DONATE NOW I believe that your organization really cares about human sufferings, as my organization does too. The problem remains how we put both ends meet and to merge together for a common cause; between your and my organizational concerns. And, of course, we don’t really want to lose such a great and humble intention to end up with nothing to do for the whole humanity that suffers before our very eyes, most especially regarding those the survivors of tsunami affected people, in central Sulawesi Indonesia. Mine is a small organization. My organization has been gaining wide range of expertise and experiences in dealing with issues regarding emergency response; aids, relief and logistic distribution, such as: Psycho-social activities for children right on sites of the affected areas; Livelihood support and development programs; DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) development strategies both at schools and community levels; Human rights and child rights protections; advocacy and lobbying, and various others- not to mention all. So far, we’ve involved massively in dealing with disaster-related issues and programs and of course with support from some international donor agencies to conduct humanity and community-based programing in the whole areas of Aceh province until Simeulue Island; in Sumatera Province covering Nias island, Karo district and Langkat District; in West Sumatra province covering the City of Padang and District of Padang Pariaman, including Mentawai islands; and various other areas, not to mention all. DONATE NOW At the moment, we have been deploying our committed team to carry out comprehensive assessment to the most affected areas of Central Sulawesi, in the City Of Palu, District of Donggala, and District of Mamuju. Our main purpose is to carry out comprehensive assessment in order to get clear pictures of the present situation and so that we can come up with some clearly defined plans and strategies, as well as the mapping out of basic need’s fulfillment of the locally affected communities. What has been the initial impact of the twin disasters? 1. On Friday, September 28th, 2018, an earthquake shook the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, it happened just before twilights. 2. A tsunami then struck Talise beach in Palu City and beaches in Donggala 3. So far, more than one thousands people to have been confirmed dead, and countless of people declared missing not found, more that 800 people are reportedly injured and more than 18 thousand people are forced to flee their broken houses and now living in makeshift tents scattered in many places. They becomeIDPs (internally displaced people) 4. More than 1,000 schools are mostly affected, contributing a direct impact to around 20 per cent of all students in Central Sulawesi 5. The disaster is likely to have affected access to water in urban areas by disrupting piped water systems, refillable bottled-water depots and locally constructed wells. DONATE NOW The 6 (six) Program focus that Pusaka Indonesia is planning to do? 1. Reuniting children with their families. Pusaka Indonesia is gearing up to provide support in tracing the families of children who have been separated and unaccompanied from their parents 2. Feeding the youngest and most vulnerable. With the already high rates of malnutrition in this region, this could get much worse. We are working with the Indonesian Government to support infants and young children feeding 3. Providing clean water and basic logistic needs. We are planning to deploy several units of water thank trucks to the affected areas, and to supply them with some basic logistic needs, such as: emergency food stuff, clothing, hygiene kits, mosquito nets, school-based necessities for children, infant care units, field health care, etc. 4. Comforting traumatized children. We plan to provide support to children in emergencies by giving them child-friendly places to play and helping them get back to school as soon as possible, as we refer it to a psycho-social initiatives. 5. Imparting the basic knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), in Communities and schools. Communities and schools operating within disaster prone areas need to be given an understanding of how they must live with local hazards and disasters through a series of training and workshop in order for them to come up with local plans, such as: locally established development plan, namely, prevention and mitigation measures; contingency planning in the form of collective and individual preparedness; locally established model of rehabilitation and reconstruction initiatives, which can be activated before, during and after the disaster’s hits. 6. Livelihood Initiative Development. Those who live in disaster prone locations needs to be driven and mentored towards establishing models of livelihood development initiatives so that they can survive the situation following disaster events in whatsoever form applicable locally. DONATE NOW We knew from the tsunami of 2004 that killed nearly 226,000 people across the Indian Ocean, including more than 160,000 death tolls in Indonesia alone, and that tsunamis was a deadly force and the recovery efforts were not always easy. But, we strived to give the best possible chance and opportunity to the affected people to build their life back. Should there be any of such opportunity for us to conduct joint fundraising efforts together, we will be very much honored to have the opportunity to work with you along with this great effort. Then, if we can reach such an idea with a clear understanding, then we can soon get down to discuss it technically. Please let us know and you may reach the following address of ours: Yayasan Pusaka Indonesia Jalan Kenanga Sari NO. 20 Medan 20132. Telp/Fax: 062 61 – 8223252 Email: pusakaindonesia.ypi@gmail.com website: www.pusakaindonesia.or.id DONATE NOW Contact Persons: 1. Drs. Prawoto at mobile phone: 0852 9661 8017; email: prass2775@yahoo.com (Deputy Director) 2. Dr. Zahrin Piliang at mobile phone: 0821 6849 1743, Email: zahrin_piliang.co.id (Director) 3. Marjoko, SH at mobile phone: 0813 9663 0666, Email: jokolamno@yahoo.com (Community Program Manager). DONATE NOW We estimate the fund needed for 6 month period of program operation in the affected areas would come around 150,000 US Dollars. DONATE NOW