Pusaka Indonesia Foundation (YPI) is an organization which concern to child protection in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatera. Founded on 10 December 2000, YPI was built and operated to respond the gaps and injustice practice to fulfill and protect the child rights in Indonesia.

Since its founding, YPI has conducted various activities to support the achievement of vision and mission to encourage public policy significantly for supporting enforcement and protection the child’s rights and justice seeker, by doing advocacy and child right protection campaign, civil right and society politic in North Sumatera. In the journey, YPI is playing it role to another issues that more strategic, including environment, democracy, economic empowerment, health issues and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in school and society.


Core Values

  1. Upholding Human Rights value.
  2. Anti – Violence.
  3. Non – Discrimination.
  4. Public Transparation.
  5. Anti – Corruption.
  6. Appreciating the Differences.
  7. Integrity.
  8. Care to fellow and environment.


Work Program:

  1. Providing legal aids (within and outside of court) for the best interest of child, especially for Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP), children in conflict with law, street children, child trafficking especially those being trafficked for sexual purposes and those working within confined places and hazardous location as well as all people seeking common justice.
  2. Formulating counter bill draft (legal drafting) and judicial review initiative as  a total effort of influencing public policies in context of child protection, which carries on the sense of fair and impartial legal treatment (independent judicial standing).
  3. Carrying effort in influencing policy makers and law enforcers (through lobbying, negotiating, and other collaborative efforts) in a global context of child protection and justice seekers.
  4. Mainstream and launch public awareness raising through public campaign, critical dialogue, dissemination of information, polling, qualitative and action research and lobbying.
  5. Economic empowerment for family.
  6. Mentoring and educating to children in conflict with law.
  7. Conducting efforts to fight and prevent the women and child trafficking.
  8. Preventing children that working in the worst sector.
  9. Rescue the children as natural disaster victim and provides the knowledge about Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in school and society.
  10. Strengthening capacity to women and children in environment and society empowerment issues.


Those Who Needs help…

  1. Please Support Our Mission for Central Sulawesi Tsunami Survivors

    With reference to the massive and devastating earthquake and tsunami that jolted the City of Palu and District of Donggala, as well as Mamuju, the Indonesia island of Central Sulawesi province on last 28/09/2018, my organization, a non-profit organization, Yayasan Pusaka Indonesia (YPI), is preparing at least to provide help to reach more than 250,000 people being now severely affected by the twin disasters.
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