Disaster Response and Recovery

YPI attempts to ensure the natural disaster doesn’t have a prolonged impact, by supplying rapid relief to affected people through the provision of clean water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, temporary shelter, psychosocial, food and non food item.

We also ensure the affected people can reorganize their lives after disaster through livelihood improvement, shelters and psychosocial.

YPI attempts to develop safety and resilience practice as well as preserving the environment as live quality improvement and environmental balance.


The impact of addictive substance (cigarettes) and spread of epidemics threatening the children health cultivation in the future. YPI promotes tobacco control movement to prevent the increasing number of youth smokers and suppresing the epidemics.


Many children do not get an education, identity, healthy as cause of discrimination (poverty, gender, disability, ethnicity). YPI and community are working together to reduce and remove the barriers of access and participation to those who discriminated and marginalized.


YPI is commited to develop various business units and public fundraising to support organisational independency that able to contribute for community development and child protection.

Access to Legal Services

YPI seeks to ensure the legal aid for children in conflict with the law, besides YPI serves rehabilitation, reintegration for children as violance and exploitation victims.

We also contribute to building environment that understand and sensitive in justice for children through legal clinic in cooperation with Law Faculty in North Sumatera Province.

Those Who Needs help…

  1. Please Support Our Mission for Central Sulawesi Tsunami Survivors

    With reference to the massive and devastating earthquake and tsunami that jolted the City of Palu and District of Donggala, as well as Mamuju, the Indonesia island of Central Sulawesi province on last 28/09/2018, my organization, a non-profit organization, Yayasan Pusaka Indonesia (YPI), is preparing at least to provide help to reach more than 250,000 people being now severely affected by the twin disasters.
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