Medan – Yayasan Pusaka Indonesia (YPI) in collaboration with Catholic Relief Service (CRS), provide the vocational training or skill training and psychosocial assisting to children for six months in two locations of Rohingya refugees in Beraspati and Pelangi Hotel Medan.
Field coordinator of refugee program of YPI, Kristina Perangin-angin said, “there are three trainings, first, landscaping.By this training the refugees (male) expected to be able for caring and mantaining the plants. Then housekeeping training, the subject is about how to maintaning and cleaning house; the bathroom, floor and introducing the machine tools of housekeeping that usually used in the third country.

And then babysitting training that aims to help the Rohingya women to caring the baby/children properly, by it hygiene, healthy and avoiding the nurturing away from violence”, continued Tina.

For the children, YPI is assisting them in psychosocial by providing the various activities to play and learn together. Kristina hopes this training will be used to them and have some skills if they will sent to the destination country or third country.

Separetly the Chairman of Executive Board of YPI, Fatwa Fadillah said the coming of the Rohingya refugees and currently they’re still in community house or shelter and immigration detention house should get the effective protection.

According to him, there were many factors of lack of protection to them particularly in law protection, about how long they waited to be processed to get residential in the third country permanently. The limited basic needs such as the right of housing, health, education and job.

Then he said, the idea for providing training will becoming them a ready workers if they are sent in the third country. I believe this six months training will be usefull, the refugees have no skill before, in the future that skill could be support their life, he said.