reported on Sunday, January 8, 2018, (OK, 15 years of age; named fictitiously) was ushered to the sector-police office of Medan Labuhan on 7th January 2018. He was accused to have sexually abused Mira, 15 years of age (fictitiously named). The accident took place in Kelurahan Martubung, sub-district of Medan Labuhan, on 15th January 2018, at 23.00 local time. OK is a close friend of DD, 17 years of age (fictitiously named) an older brother to Mira.

At the police office, DD was declaring that both Mira and OK knew each other about 2 years ago, during which time OK and his family was living in a rental house close to DD’s house..

One year later, OK and his family moved to live into another house, still not too far from where Mire lives. Despite moving the house to live, OK remains often visiting DD’s house, because both are good friends.

During police questioning, DD declared peevishly: “ OK is my close friend, therefore I often ask him to spend the night in my house. He might have seen that my sister was using sexy attires and making him think to want my young sister sexually.”

During that period OK and Mira often sit and talk together spending leisure time. Mira at that time was still a student of Junior High School of the third year. Their encountering was becoming closer and closer and they finally develop such a feeling of love to some extent. Such an intimacy then makes OK feels so brave to ask Mira to go out of house for a fun, quite sometimes.

Without prior warning, OK asked Mira to get into a bush located surrounding Martubung area. There in the bush OK tried to cajole Mira while fumbling Mira’s body. Being intoxicated by the by the OK’s persuasion, finally Mira was readily surrendered to take off her entire clothes.

She lied on the ground naked, and OK sexually abused her virginity. Successfully doing it, OK took her back home. To some extent, OK comes to me a little more addicted to doing that kind of thing, and wanting more and more doing at a later time.

At one point of time, OK asked Mira to commit more sexual conducts. This time, OK asked Mira to do it in a Warnet-shop located surrounding Martubung vicinity. Soon after they finished doing it, they went back home to their each other houses. Out of a sudden, upon returning home, Mira as acting suspiciously that triggered her family members’ attention.

Upon such a weird behavior of Mira, her family members were asking why and what it was about she was behaving restlessly. DD, her older brother, curiously interrogated her, and she could not hide her true story and told her brother what had happened between her and OK. She said all the details of what OK had done to her, and it was so striking news that OK had apparently snatched Mira’s virginity. Along with all family members DD rushed to find and catch OK, and took him to the local police office in Medan Labuhan.

Being questioned by journalists, the Head of Local Police, Kompol Hendris Tampubolon, justified that the perpetrator of the case had been ushered to his office. “The victim’s family has filed the case while the perpetrator has been detained for further investigation. Should OK to be found guilty, the case will be going through legal formal proceeding,” the police head. (ril)