The two areas of Smoke Free Area (SFA), Malahayati Hospital and St. Thomas 1 School from Don Bosco Foundation as the pilot project of SFA in Medan City have launched.

It launched as SFA by opening the signboard of SFA represented by Mayor of Medan City, the Chief of Health Department of Medan City, Dr. Usma Polita and Executive Director of Pusaka Indonesia, Fatwa Fadillah, SH.

We hope the Malahayati Hospital and Don Bosco Foundation as the pilot project could give an example to another areas that included as SFA, said Usma Polita.

Fatwa Fadillah said actually there are 7 SFAs mandated in Medan City Regulation No. 3 of 2014 about Smoke Free Area, such as health facilities, learning centre, children playground, house of worship, workplaces, public transportation and covered public area.

To succeed this SFA program, Fatwa Fadillah was asking the community participation to inform the officer for violation commited by organizer and person in charge of SFA.

“For those who are responsible in SFA to installing the signboard of No Smoking in SFA”, he said.

While the Coordinator of Tobacco Control, OK Syahputra Harianda was asking the person in charge in those areas could give the warning for smokers in SFA.

OK Syahputra said, the SFA also forbidden to activity such as selling cigarettes products, advertisements, promotion and smoking. “Hopefully people could give warning for those who break the rule”, he said.

Beside installing the signboard of SFA in 2 locations of pilot project. Pusaka Indonesia also give 1000 stickers, posters and standing banner for 7 SFA in Medan City.